Leading the Health Service into the Future: Transforming the NHS Through Transforming Ourselves

This paper explores a practice development based leadership programme to support a group of medical doctors with their leadership journey, to equip them to become transformational leaders and contribute to a growth in internal leadership capacity. The paper describes the importance of clinical leadership including its role in creating ‘better places to work’ (p 2). It includes a really interesting discussion of leadership – what it’s for and what it entails, and describes the components of the 9 month programme. The impacts of the programme are illustrated through the individual reflective accounts. The programme was not without challenges, but has had ‘a positive impact on participants in their role as clinical leaders’ (p 18). A really good read.

Leading the health service into the future: transforming the NHS through transforming ourselves (http://www.fons.org/library/journal/volume6-issue2/article5) by Mansoor Akhtar, James Norbert Casha, Julia Ronder, Mohamed Sakel, Catherine Wight and Kim Manley


4 January 2017